when it all started Retailbootcamp

RETAILBOOTCAMP was first born out of a burning desire to assist small to medium business in training; training of employees while assisting in the continuous improvement & training of business owners to be the very best they can be, to have all the opportunities to succeed.

I have been involved in the training of employees since the ’80s, while managing a flagship store in Sydney for a progressive & innovative vertical design fashion label; this particular organisation had a very healthy and active training culture, all employees were required to attend a meeting once a month after work ( yes this was in their own time), these meetings were inspiring and motivational, with an agenda full of impact there were  congratulations for excellence in performance  were  given out, updated news shared, look-book launch for the fashion ranges coming in over the next month that were talked about and demonstrated,  feedback from employees was a big part of the evening , sometimes there will be a sneak peek of a next season range that they were seeking options on after all we were at the coal-face of the organisation feedback and input was important to these guys… then into the Training. It was an all inspiring  3 hours.

Training was structured there was always a theme this was backed up with motivation and call to action. I was so Pumped after these meetings and eager to get back to my store armed with all my new found knowledge along with my very own look-book of up & coming fashion releases complete with sample swatches, promotions and coming events. We all knew where we were going as a team, we needed to first there were 3 stores then there were 24 stores,  “communication, training & involvement”.

I had always been a fan of training and finally found an organisation who mirrored my passion, now before I became assistant area manager I put my hand up to start facilitating the training side of these meetings, to take the pressure of one person putting the whole evening together, PLUS I wanted to take the training to the next level and did so with success this was reflected in our sales and our interpersonal relations with colleges  we had TEAMS  (keep posted on my blog about teamwork).

As a result I was now on the board for interviewing new staff and training them up before they went to their chosen store. Training in my store in Centrepoint was met daily with enthusiasm from my team, from which I developed many managers and incidentally remain number 1 store continuously worst case scenario in the top 3.

Before you know it I am opening up stores across Victoria and South Australia with Training still a very big part of our culture and the overall process, my teams had to be better trained than ever simply because I am now across 2 states and they need the knowledge and the skills for optimum performance at all times, they are required to trade autonomously, they need to have the internal lingo and understand fully what was required of them.

Understand this vital information doesn’t happen on its own, people need the time & compassion of quality training if you are expecting performance & outcomes,  you need to put the time and energy into training your people so they know and understand your business and your expectations.

After many stores later and many businesses later I decided to take my passion for training to a whole new level by taking training opportunities to many other businesses to assist in their everyday journey and overall outcomes.

Along with my nationally recognized TAE Certificate and many Diplomas I am now helping many small businesses and individuals to be the very best they can be.

Join us… In creating a great business & retail culture


A brief overview of my advancement through this incredibly evolving organization; in the initial stages I had worked my way up to the number 1 flagship store with 3 months of being with the company, within 6-8 months I was offered assistant area manager of 7-14 stores, then onto Southern States Area Manager finishing with 24 stores nationally.


RETAILBOOTCAMP by Antoinette Hunter


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